One’s travels are one’s best memories

It’s been a while since I last painted a wooden box and personalized it so that it delivered the expected joy to its receiver…

On this occasion, I thought of a friend of mine who wants to save enough money to move to London, but, somehow, she constantly stumbles upon this-and-that and she’s taken one step back, one step behind the ‘schedule’. I felt the need to motivate her and remind her that dreams, once decided upon fulfilling them, must be accomplished.

And so, since blue is her utmost colour, I decided to offer her this money box as a birthday present:

Blue is the colour of my dreams

Blue is the colour of my dreams

The secret fund

The secret fund

And since I was on it, I wanted to touch a tender spot and so I made her a matching necklace:

Blue butterfly

Blue butterfly

The reference made to her blog and the fact that she loves butterflies were the Achilles’ heel I was aiming to hit all along! (evil laughter)

I’m hopeful that in due time she will have no space left for another coin/note and that she will take her wing to London. You only live once, why not make the most out of it?!


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