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New house!


I moved houses recently and had to buy this-that and what not.
As our budget was becoming more and more strangled after having bought all the essentials, an expensive wardrobe wasn’t really something to afford.

As I am a big Amazon fan, I started browsing the website and found THIS!

DIY Wardrobe

DIY Wardrobe

There were no reviews so I was a bit skeptical about buying it. Nevertheless, although it was dispatched from Germany, it got delivered in 2 days, it was easy and fun to assemble, it’s light in weight, modern looking and each cube can hold up to 10kg of stuff. My handmade boxes went straight on top. It was a must.

You can find other designs from Songmics in different sizes, if you fancy this sort of furniture 🙂


I’m officially greeting The Mighty Winter



Brr, it’s getting colder and not even a cup of hot, milky tea can cope with the frost any longer. It’s almond & cherry, BTW 😛 (yum!)

And since I’m the chilly type, here’s a list to all of you sun lovers to guide yourselves after during these wretched months:

1. Thermal tights & knee highs (I think I might be addicted to them :D). They are a MUST!
2. Tea, tea, tea! Plenty of tea – keeps you warm, healthy & will work its magic on your skin.
3. Eat proteins, ginger & go shake that tush on the dance floor! That’s why the weekend was invented for! 😀
4. Snuggle under those fluffy covers! Burn that love! You might need a partner for that… 😀
5. Pick the right outwear & don’t leave your hands exposed to that blizzard.


1. Legwear & more
2. Benefits of drinking tea
3. Warm jumper – bought mine in white. Great value for money!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be having my second cup of tea today.

P.s.: Oh, how I miss wearing this cherry skirt! *long sigh*


Hello new location: Birmingham UK!