I’m officially greeting The Mighty Winter


Brr, it’s getting colder and not even a cup of hot, milky tea can cope with the frost any longer. It’s almond & cherry, BTW 😛 (yum!)

And since I’m the chilly type, here’s a list to all of you sun lovers to guide yourselves after during these wretched months:

1. Thermal tights & knee highs (I think I might be addicted to them :D). They are a MUST!
2. Tea, tea, tea! Plenty of tea – keeps you warm, healthy & will work its magic on your skin.
3. Eat proteins, ginger & go shake that tush on the dance floor! That’s why the weekend was invented for! 😀
4. Snuggle under those fluffy covers! Burn that love! You might need a partner for that… 😀
5. Pick the right outwear & don’t leave your hands exposed to that blizzard.


1. Legwear & more
2. Benefits of drinking tea
3. Warm jumper – bought mine in white. Great value for money!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be having my second cup of tea today.

P.s.: Oh, how I miss wearing this cherry skirt! *long sigh*



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