Findings, new ideas & soon: new handmade beauties

I found these amazing buttons while shopping for some fruit in the Bullring Market some weeks ago. They’ve got a loop hole at the back, so they are just perfect for my clay projects, not to mention they’re absolutely gorgeous and their surface is perfectly smooth!



And since I’ve got this obsession for nature related things, I’ve created a small infantry of trees pressed into clay. After they’re all dressed up in paint and lacquered, they will embellish this small hexagonal wooden trinket box. (The image quality isn’t that brilliant, sorry for that!)

2012-11-27 01.21.23

I’m also planning on using these small cuties for a brand new project of mine, which is hair accessories.
I’m not going to give away too many details, though (surprise-surprise-surpriiise!), since this is just a teaser…


Till next time: Ta! 🙂


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